My Polytheism

I am a polytheist because I do not understand.

For me personally, polytheism is predicated on a deep and profound ambivalence. I am uncertain, I am full of doubts. I feel that polytheism does the best job of accounting for that ambivalence, that anxiety, while simultaneously embracing curiosity and endeavor. I believe polytheism to be an incredibly elastic, expansive, and transparent understanding. I claim only my own experience, and only my interpretation, and hold myself open to the lives, the possibilities, the profundities of others.

Polytheism allows people of different faiths to believe and to understand the world in their own unique, personal, collective, and idiosyncratic ways without resorting to any overarching apologetic structure. Being founded in the multiplicity of experience and experiences, my polytheism is broadly affirmational. Indeed, I feel that polytheism makes sense of ambiguity, uncertainty, and doubt because it does not adhere to any single truth against which all else must be measured.

Polytheism allows doubt to flourish in a profound way. It is no longer confined to objecting against one single ultimate, but it can expand on sprawl and attach itself to any number of possibilities. With all the power of its multiple, incessant affirmations, polytheism leaves wide the great shadow of uncertainty. Polytheism understood as a process is open ended, ongoing, and expansive. With every thing that is confirmed and experienced, there is also left open the possibility of more, the vacuum of uncertainty, the space yet to be filled, the experience yet to be felt, the thing yet to be encountered.

My polytheism is hopeful in its ambivalence, in its anxiety. It is oriented toward the future. It imagines change and infinite variation. The ever expanding now is projected into the future as a great cascade of potential. My polytheism is futurism. The unknown, the undisclosed, the possible and the yet to be are just as important to polytheism as everything already existing, everything already known and confirmed. Polytheism says, "Yes!" but also, "Perhaps…" and, "Not yet."